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Work Experience:

Year Ten students are going out on Work Experience from 28th May - Ist June 2018.

Students aged fifteen years and over are eligible to do extra work experience with prior permission from the Careers Advisor during school holidays.

In order to participate in Work Experience, you will need the following documents:

For Students:  
The Student Placement Record
The Student's Guide to Workplace Learning
Note: If you will be travelling in a vehicle with your host employer/supervisor you need to fill
          out this form and attach it to your Student Placement Record.
For Parents:  
The Parent/Carers Guide to Workplace Learning
For Employers:  
The Employers Guide to Workplace Learning

Here are some other documents you may need if directed by the Careers Advisor:

A list of activities that are prohibited on Work Experience - Click here
The forms required if you are staying away from home while you do Work Experience - Click here

If you are still unsure or have questions, please see the Careers Advisor in the Careers office.